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A world leader in Finance, Sports, Data and Technology

Vumero Institute is a world leader in education and global supply chain management to the Finance, Sports, Data and Technology industry. Founded in 2013, we deliver knowledge, credentials, education, training, research, major events, product distribution and end-to-end supply chain management.

Education and Events: Vumero Institute works across 33 countries and supports over 100,000 people to learn. love and leverage skills in a data-driven world to advance their future careers and transform organizations. Everything from cutting-edge education in big data analytics, internet-of-things, cybersecurity, sports technology, financial modeling, fintech, artificial intelligence, data science and more.  We govern the official Professional Services World Champions League for the professional services and consulting industry.

Global Supply Chain: Vumero Institute reimagines and creates supply chains of the future for companies in Finance, Sports, Media and Technology. As entrepreneurs in a digital world, we create innovative products and end-to-end solutions that source, create and deliver products to growing brands and enterprises worldwide. We connect suppliers in 33 markets around the world and manage our customers’ supply chains to meet their needs through competitive pricing, quality and reliable delivery.

Official World Championships for the Professional Services Industry

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