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Vumero Institute provides education, skills training and innovation to tomorrow’s workforce. Each year we help 100,000+ professionals in 127 countries with cutting-edge training, competitions, conferences, certifications, executive education, research and strategic insights to advance careers and business success in the 21st century. Our education division solves skills and career talent shortages in early-stage and high growth markets. Our training activities help everyone from university students to the ageing workforce to up-skill and re-skill for digital and analytical careers. Large corporates partner with the Vumero Institute to develop innovative products, market to emerging markets and activate powerful ecosystems for sustainable competitive advantage. Founded in 2013, Professional Services Champions League (PSCL) is now part of the Vumero Institute.  Our mission is to provide the skills and jobs training for the future. We Transform Talent.

Equip yourself with the most in-demand skills and expertise for the 21st century with the Vumero Institute.

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