Vumero Institute helps learn, earn and celebrate the New Economy.

Mission Statement

Vumero Institute’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to the Future Workforce.


We aspire to a Vumero Institute that:

  • Serves all professionals seeking education, knowledge, professional development, connection, or inspiration in Emerging Industries and the New Economy.
  • Leads the profession’s thinking in the areas of ethics, knowledge integrity, and excellence of practice.


Our passion at the Vumero Institute is built on six fundamental beliefs for learning and innovation in the fastest growing knowledge industries.

  • Accessible: Knowledge should be spread efficiently across the globe, gaining the exposure it deserves.
  • Efficient:  Future talent should devote energy to solving complex business problems and learning.
  • Right Fit: Future talent should seamlessly connect with the right learning and training.
  • Right Tools and Technologies: Be open-minded and collaborate with the latest technology innovations.
  • Power Lies in the Individual: Emerging education must be free from barriers and bureaucracy.
  • Celebration and Rewards: Great professionals and students should be recognized and celebrated.

Based on the above, Vumero Institute emphasizes strategic initiatives with respect to:

Bolder Voice for Emerging Industries

Provide the voice globally for new economy education and highly skilled workforce that reflects our values.

Global Partnerships, Shared Vision

Broaden our global reach to collaborate with partners and build new professional services and future industries. – Education and Future Skills for the 21st Century