Vumero Institute provides education for tomorrow's world.

Vumero Institute is the world’s specialist education company for Finance, Technology and Data-Driven industries. Each year, we help over 100,000 people in 127 countries build skills for future jobs and gain sustainable competitive advantage in high-growth industries.  Our mission is to build skills and careers for the new economy. Founded in 2013, we create and deliver cutting-edge competitions, training, research, conferences, certifications, global product marketing and strategic advice in Early-Stage and Emerging Industries. Our industries include: Cybersecurity, Sports Analytics, Financial Analysis, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Actuarial, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Loyalty Gamification. Vumero Institute was built to solve the skills and talent shortages for Future Industries.

Vumero Institute has won numerous industry awards and is widely-recognized as one of the world’s most innovative education companies.