Vumero Institute people are distinguished professionals who deliver distinctive, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions designed to meet and overcome the specialist knowledge challenges of today and tomorrow. They combine thought leadership with extensive practical experience of the strategic and operational issues and challenges that are reshaping the world’s specialist knowledge landscape.

Johann Odou

CEO - Operations
Vumero Institute
  • Johann Odou has a background in Corporate Finance, M&A and Operations Leadership.
  • Founder of the Professional Services Champions League (PSCL), the world’s official competition for Professional Services and Consultants (
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) with deep innovation expertise.
  • Passion for adventure sports, outdoors and anything that pushes the edge.

John R Persico

CEO - Strategy and Growth
Vumero Institute
  • John R Persico has a background in Corporate Finance, M&A, Management Consulting and Private Equity.
  • International speaker on new professional services and innovating within the world’s top 1000 companies.
  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Commerce (Hons), Supply Chain Masters
  • Loves travel, family, sports and volunteering.

Thomas Alomes

General Manager
Cybersecurity, IoT and Emerging Tech

Kit Ho

General Manager
Data, Analytics and High IQ

Cristina Persico

General Manager

Marc Roufeil

International Operations Manager

Yi Ding

Information Technology

Di Wang

Information Technology

Nikhil Anand

Business Analyst

David Murikumthara

Business Analyst

Dan Mayoh

Technical Lead – Financial Modeling

Michelle Yu

Business Analyst

Allegra Borsato

Business Analyst